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Cross-Over Plate Assembly (COP)

Cross-Over Plate Assembly (COP)

$156.00 CAD

Fixed Cross-Over Plate (F-COP) Assembly

These fixed cross-over plates are designed to connect two round pipes. They can also be used to mount a pipe to a boom arm.

Fits a 60mm (2 3/8") to 114mm (4 1/2") pipe on one face & 73mm (2 7/8") to 114mm (4 1/2") pipe on the other.

The mounts are sold as a complete assembly, they come with (1)  60mm - 114mm Vertical Pipe, (2) Plates, and all necessary u-bolts for mounting.





Plate Size: PL270x200x10

Mount Weight (without pipe): 11kg

U-Bolts Provided: 13mm (1/2")

Vertical Pipe Size: 60mm (2 3/8") to 114mm (4 1/2") Included with Order

Horizontal Pipe Sizes: 73mm OD to 114mm OD


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