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Ice-Shield Corner (ISC)

Ice-Shield Corner (ISC)

$380.00 CAD

Ice-Shield Corner (ISC)

Ice-Shield Corner are similar to our standard ice-shields except they are modified to be offset from the pipe by 300mm. This is to accommodate the off-set that usually comes when mounting larger diameter MW's. The ice-shield comes in several different sizes, tie-back kits are available for extra stabilization. All ice-shields attach to any pipe from 73mm ( 2 7/8" ) to 114mm (4 1/2"). The ice-shields can also be attached to the WPS0 and WSO. Four U-Bolts are used to connect the ice-shield to the mounting pipe.

Please order pipe separately.

Tie-Back is recommended for ISC-07 to ISC-10. Order Separately.

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