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L152x152 (6") Wall Brackets with Gusset (WBG)

L152x152 (6") Wall Brackets with Gusset (WBG)

$86.00 CAD

L152x152 (6") Wall Brackets (WB)

These 152mm x 152mm (6") Wall Brackets are used to secure the pipe bracket to the wall. Two gussets are used to provide superior resistance against bending. The horizontal holes are spaced so that any size of pipe bracket may be fastened. All wall brackets come with either two or three holes for threaded rods. Threaded rods can either be chemically bonded to the wall or can be clamped using back plates. We recommend using at least two wall brackets to secure the pipe.

Wall brackets are designed for 16mm ( 5/8" ) Threaded Rods. Other sizes are available.

Please order Back plates and Threaded rods separately.

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