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Pipe Stand-Off Mount (PSO) Assemblies

Pipe Stand-Off Mount (PSO) Assemblies

$382.00 CAD

Pipe Stand-Off Mount (PSO) Assemblies - With Pipe

The PSO Mount is designed to give a more rigid connection when connection a new pipe to an existing pipe. The stand-off lengths range from 300mm (12") to 600mm (24"). They are capable of supporting pipes ranging from 73mm (2 7/8") to 114mm (4 1/2").

Mounts come supplied with pipe, u-bolts and two stand-offs.

Available without pipes as well.





Stand-Off Distance: 300mm to 600mm Max.

U-Bolts: (8) 5/8" U-Bolts

Mount Weight: 38kg to 59kg (with pipe)

Pipe Diameter: 73mm OD to 114mm OD

Pipe Length: 3m Maximum


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